1. Consulting:
We have 02 consulting days (free of charge) for spa owner.

2. Contractor Services:
We supply the list of all contractors of spa services and Documentation for Spa Management

3. Budget Estimation:
In order to have an overview of Total Budget for Spa Investment, we will give the Estimate of Total Investment Budget based on the information of future spa provided by the Spa Owner.  

4. Design:
In order to have a perfect design (used for construction and operation), we will work directly with the Architecture before and during the design – the one chosen by the Spa Owner. This means the Spa Owner will economize the cost and increase the effectiveness of space usage.
With our experienced Architect and Construction Engineer, we can supply the investor the perfect plan which combines your idea and our experience.

5. Spa Draft:
In order to appropriate distribution of functional areas, we can supply the investor the spa Draft if needed.

7. Business Plan:
After finishing the Detail Design, we will supply the investor the Business Plan. With this, the Investor will understand Total Investment Budget, each items and Documents for Spa Management

8. Marketing:
We will provide with all marketing tools.

9. Spa Construction:
With more than 10 year experience in spa construction, for example: a chain of Qi Spa & Salon in Hanoi, HCM, Hoi An, Nha Trang…; Q-Thy Spa, we can meet all your demands.

10. Training:
Today, many cosmetic brands have training services for therapist and other positions, But this is only for cosmetic consumption, it can be the style of a spa.
With more than 10 year experience in Spa Management, we provide the Investor with the Spa Training Package which creates the concept for each spa type and concept.

11. Setup spa:
With this service, we will, on behalf of the Spa Investor, manage all the jobs, from the Design Stage to the Spa Operation. After hand over to the Investor, we continue supervising to adjust the imperfections, check the staff and ensure the therapist skills.

12. Management:
This service aims at the existing spa with poor result. We will check all the spa conditions, spa existing management system, sale& marketing, therapist skills to find out the reasons for the appropriate adjustment.

13. Home Spa:
With the increasing demand of setting up Home Spa, we provide the Investor with the necessary information of spa which help you construct and operation your spa as you wish.


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